” MAGGIE: Who are you, honored one?

COCYTAN: The bringer of misfortune.

MAGGIE: Please, tell me who you are.

COCYTAN: I am the doer who undoes, the creator who uncreates. And yet I would gladly be the destroyer who undestroys, the dangerous one who protects.

MAGGIE: Speak plainly. Tell us who you are.

CREATOR: Once I was hailed as the greatest mind my people ever produced. I tried to bring them power and happiness. I gave them power to leave this world, to leave their bodies, to enter an existence as pure mind, eternally perfect. But I could not give them the power to return and reclaim their abandoned bodies, their decaying world. They are lost and cannot return!

MAGGIE: Have you a name?

CREATOR: I had a name, when I was alive. Now that I am again and again dead, what need have I for names? My body is now so ancient that the crystals scarcely have power over me. I rise for a few minutes, and then I fall again. Soon I will cease to rise at all. Only then will my grief end. [after a bit of a pause…] I want no name or memory to live after me.

MAGGIE: Why was your tomb so carefully hidden?

CREATOR: So only the most persistent, the most clever, and therefore the most dangerous of visitors would find me.

MAGGIE: Why has your body been preserved so carefully?

CREATOR: Since all the evil in this place was my fault, I chose to be its guardian forever.

MAGGIE: If what you did was bad, why do the museum displays give you so much honor?

CREATOR: There was a time when my creations were thought to be good. I believed it myself, or I would never have created them.

MAGGIE: How long will you remain here?

CREATOR: Until the last of my mistakes is rectified, or until the life crystals lose their power out of miserable death.

MAGGIE: We want to go home.

CREATOR: That is the wish of all living creatures. It is a vain wish, for there is no true home. All intelligence wanders and has no rest.  “



[Finish talking]

MAGGIE: Thank you for helping us.

CREATOR: I will only have helped you when you give up your foolish plan.

MAGGIE: We’re not giving up.

CREATOR: My only consolation is that true death comes closer with each dying.”



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